Faith no more : collision
Happy the Man : Service with smile (live)
Pink Floyd : Sheep (live)
We Insist : Rosebud
Talk talk : Ascension Day
E.S.T : Mingle in the Mincing Machine
Spock’s Beard : From the messenger
Edhels : Leo-Lion
Santana : She’s not there
Naked City : divers morceaux inaudibles…



Raoul Petite : Mammouth
Mr Bungle : Everyone
O.S.I : Shut Down
Trio Toyheat : Karate
Laundry : Blacktongue
Jonas Hellborg : Anchor
Tenhi : Vastakalun
Roof : Untraceable Cigar



Miles Davis : Footprints
Genesis : tonight, tonight, tonight (live)
U Totem : Vagabonds Home
Midnight Oil : One Country
George Cartwright : Sady point
L.T.E : Chewbaca



Led Zeppelin : Rock’n Roll
Lacuna Coil : Senzafine, Hyperfast
Drean Theater : This Dying Soul
Devin Townsend : Tiny Tears
Treshold : Latent Gene
Marillion : She Cameleon



Archive : Again
Dream Theater : Honor Thy Father
DevinTownsend : Olives
O.S.I : OSI , When You’re Ready, Horseshoes and B-52’s




Faith No more : Digging in the Grave
Akin : To One in Paradise
Theatre of tragedy : Cassandra
No man : The Break up for Real
Opeth : Windowpane
Dream Theater :Vacant, Stream of Consciousness



Hubert Félix Thiéfaine: Soleil cherche futur, Dies olé sparadrap joey
Spock's Beard: East of eden, West of Menphis
John Wesley: Thirteen days, Waiting for the sun
Van der graaf generator: pionners over c
Iris: memory of eagle
Thinking plague: lycanthrope



One Shot: I had a dream
Dream Theater: As I am
Matching mole: Machides
Marillion: marquet square hero (live avec h)
Louis clavis: Ceux qui veillent la nuit
Mr bungle: Sweet Charity
F.Thollot: Leon le hérisson



Placebo: Bulletproof Cupid, English Summer rain
Elbow: Any day now
Ayreon: Isis & Osiris
Neil morse: moving in my heart, I am willing, In the middle
Porcupine Tree: Radioactive Toy
Ange: Vu d'un chien




Tool: ticks & Leeches
Ange: La bataille du sucre
Queensryche: Best I can
Camel: Lunar Sea
Bowie: Heathen
Genesis: Fountain of salmacis, IT/Watcher of the skies
Steve Collman: 9 to 5



Heldon: Dedicate to K.C
Neal Morse: Part 3
Resus o : Préambule
LTE: Liquid Dreams
Simon Goubert: After the wind has gone
marillion: out of this world (live)




Philharmonie: Unter den linden
Devin Townsebd: Earth day
Heldon:Northernland Lady
Genesis:Improvisation (session de selling england...)
Potemkine: Amphitheatre magique
Akin: The 92 flight (groupe lyonnais)
Happy family: The three leaves insect
Syd Barret: No good trying




king Crimson: Sailor Tale
Jeff Beck: Diamont dust
Julien Laurau: Cenrod
Ray Wilson: Lovers leap, the carpet crawlers
Steve Howe: Small acts of human kindness
California guitar trio: Melrose avenue
Univer zéro: Jack the ripper




The wishing tree: Evergreen
Yes: the gates of delirium
Pendragon: Master of illusion (live)
Lennie Liston Smith: Rejuvenation
RPWL: Opel (syd barret)
Pierre Jean Grucher: Picnic celtic


Vanden Plas: Far off grace
Catatonia: Dead from the waist down
Spock's beard: A guy named Sid
Archive: Again




Spock's beard: The bottom line
Queensryche: Open
Spock's beard: Onomatopoeia
Enchant: Sinking Sand
Ray Wilson: Change
Queensryche:Rhythm of hope



The Muffins: ?
marillion: Interior lulu
metallica: Friend of misery
Brand X: ?
Outlander: Planetwalker




Mix city: Un jour nouveau
Anglagard: Höstsejd
The gathering: Black light district
Genesis: Blood on the rooftops .... jusqu'à Afterglow



Sixun: What's up
Apocalyptica: master of puppets (reprise metallica; quatuor à corde)
Antony Philips: The geese and the ghost
Lacuna coil: Half life
The phil Colins big band: The los endos suite
Dr nerve: ?
Pearl jam: Black
Jordan rudess: Quantum soup




Keith Jarett: Eyes of the hunt part 1
marcel et son orchestre: Les vaches
Neil Morse: A whole mother trip
Ensemble Nimbus: Burning Avows
paatos: Téa
tenhi: Yota
Opeth: Windowpane, In my time of need, Death whispered a lullaby, Closure




Matching Mole: Part of the dance
Theatre of tragedy: Cassandra
Welcome: Tensions
Gérard Manset: la vallée de la paix
Ralph Towner: Waterweel
white Willow: paper Moon



Chakti: La dame du bonheur
happy family: Naked king
fantomas: Rosemary'baby; Twin Peaks
Khan: hollow stone escape of the space pirates
Radiohead: Backdrifts
Zao: ?




Metamorphosis: Love & napalm
Crucible: Over the falls
Steve hackett: Brand new
Dvorak: Gloria (messe en D)
Vortex: prolegomenes
Zwan: Mary star of the sea


01/06/2003 (jean michel seul)

OSI: Shutdown
Leonardo:With Father, Reins of tuscan
Queensryche: Empire
Dead can dance: Tell me about the forest, How fortunate the man with none
Star one: Set your controls
faith no more: Zombie eaters


25/05/2003 (jean michel seul)

BBM: Where in the world
TOOL: The grudge
Sigur ros: svefn g englar
Ange: Reveille-toi
TAAL: yellow Garden
John Zorn: Hofla'ah
The Smiths: Meat is murder
Jordan Rudess: Deepest Love



Hamster Theatre: Les funfs
Interview de TAAL
TAAL: The purple queen's lips
Magellan: Brother's Keeper
David Gilmour accoustic : Comfortably numb (avec robert wyatt)
David Gilmour accoustic : Je crois entendre encore (bizet)
Lana Lane: Secrets of astrology



Pas d'émission




Djam Karet: Hungry ghost
Explorer's club: Vertebrates
Franck Zappa: revised music for guitar and low budget orchestra
IQ: the seventh house
Miriodor: Aztec boogie
Chroma Key: When you drive



Arena: Contagion
Mr Bungle: Carry stress in the jaw
Itrema: Le chat
Pigs and pyramids: Comfortably Numb (pink Floyd)
Naked City: Le clan des siciliens, You will be shot
Nebelsnest: ?
Nick Cave: Hallelujah
King Crimson: One more red nightmare
Ambeon: Cold metal




One Shot: La main du diable
transcience: No turning back now
Levin, Bozio, Stevens: Duende
JF Thollot: 13] parallele
Ayreon: Isis ans Osiris (avec Fish)
Threshold: Light and space, turn on tune in



13/04/2003 (francois seul)

Finnegans Wake: First Blow
Genesis: Twilight Alehouse
Supuration:The cube




Ark: Heal the water
Flamborough Head: Limestone rock
Liquid Tension Experiment: Paradigm shift
Supersister: pudding...Music from balled
jimmy page and the black crowes: Whole lotta love (led zeppelin)




Pas d'émission (vacances)



23/03/2003 (francois seul)

Magma: Mëckanïk Dëstrukïv Kömmandöh
univer zero: presage




National Health: Play time
OSI: Set the control from the heart of the sun
John Coltane: Transition
Mullmuzzler: Shore of avalon
Oswald D'andrea: In media res




We insist: Rosebud
OSI: Shutdown
Soft machine: 12/8 theme
The gathering: These good people
Eskaton: Eskaton
Spock's beard: Thougts
We insist: Grieved



02/03/2003 (jean michel seul)

Porcupine Tree: Blackest eyes
Marillion: Hotel hobbies,Warm wet circles, That time of the night
king Crimson: VROOOM
Muse: Space dementia
Perspective: Improvision
Dream Theater: Eve (twin Peaks), The dance of eternity/One last time




Our Zoo: Arts
Gardian Knot: ?
Threshold: Critical mass
Tempano: En la via
Angra: Holy Land
Potemkine: Eiram
Devin Towsend: Suicide



16/02/2003 (jean michel seul)

Faith no more: a small victory
Neal Morse: It's not too late
Steve Hoggarth: Life on mars (D.Bowie), Nothing to declare
HF Thiefaine: Le chant du fou, Eloge de la tristesse
Rick Wright: Reaching for the rail
Porcupine tree: Dark matter
Van halen: I'm the one




King Crimson: Level 5, Eyes wide open
Spock's beard: At the end of the day
Roxy music: The bogus man
EGG: Enneagram
Steve Hoggarth: hymne à la vie (ange)
King Crimson: Elektric




David Bowie: Last Thing You Should Do
Dün: Arrakis
Kevin Ayers: Lady Rachel
Dream Theater: The glass prison
Samla mammas manna: musmjolkningsmskinen
Thiefaine: Alligator 427




Deftones: My own summer
ELP: Tarkus 1-7
The gathering: On most surface
Opeth: A fair judgement
Moving gelatine plates: x-25 gelatine
Memorial orchestra & tra-la-la Band: constelation




Fates warning: leave the past behind
Bill Bruford: one of a hind
Cut (Ray Wilson): Space oditty (D.Bowie)
Francois Thollot: promenade urgente
Sotos: tangos
J-pascal Boffo: Invizible




Van der graaf generator: Killer
Trool: Break up dance (?)
The Flower King: last minute on earth
Steve hackett: Los endos
Dream Theater: hey you (pink floyd)
Blast: Surrealistic alphabeth
Talk Talk: Time it's time




One shot: I had a dream
Porcupine Tree: Heartattack in a lay by
Led zeppelin: Since I've been losing you
Anekdoten: From within
Sinkadus: Manuel
Olive Mess: Degeneratus Vulgaris